100 Things

1. I was born in 1980

2. In Ontario, Canada

3. I have a sister and three brothers

4. My parents are still married

5. I am 5'11"

6. I pursue God everyday as He pursues me

7. I believe very much in Spiritual Things and in Truth

8. I believe that it's true that God died to set people free and that death was broken with His coming back to life

9. I love black tea with crazy passion especially PG Tips and Typhoo and I found a really good Irish Breakfast Tea at Trader Joe's

10. I like my tea really strong with lots of cream and sugar. Hot beverages are pretty much useless to me if you can't add cream and sugar to them. (Updated to add: I have found that tea caffeine is kind of strong for me and now I drink espresso- and am not as jumpy. Go figure.)

11. I like my eggs poached

12. And I love wearing red skate shoes. I've almost always had a pair of red shoes since I was fifteen- except for right now, but my shoes are sewn with red thread

13. Red is actually my very favorite color

14. My mother, my daughter, and I all have the same middle name-- Joy

15. I'm a painter

16. I like oils best

17. I used to do performance painting but now I'm lucky if I do any at all. I'm planning on starting to paint again though, and I want to do more live portraits

18. I'm feeling much more positive about building a career in art WHAAA? Did I actually write that?

19. I've lived away from Canada for six seven ten years and I really miss it

20. I only have half a thyroid

21. I've been in eight nine car accidents

22. When I was young I stole compulsively until I was arrested when I was fourteen and then I never stole again, although I do like bank robbery movies

23. I met my husband in San Francisco when I was eighteen

24. And he was twenty-five

25. I've never kissed anyone else

26. My husband is African-American, and I'm European-American (Canadian)

27. He is my biggest hero and my best friend and we are very happy

28. I had three kids in four years

29. And now I feel like I'm done I'm pregnant again I had a fourth beautiful baby and I would still like to adopt

30. I live in a one room cabin with my whole family I live in a beautiful two bedroom cabin with my family I live in an old craftsman style house in Sacramento I live in a concrete and marble house in a small village in India.

31. It's driving me crazy but I'm trying to make the best of it I made the best of it and I'm glad for the experience

32. I've had many goldfish who were all named Frankie

33. Our current goldfish belongs to my son but I still named him Frankie I need to get another goldfish

34. I'm allergic to cats

35. I had one cat I loved when I was a kid

36. I was an awkward child with skinny legs and big teeth

37. I've suffered from post-partum depression

38. And had many panic attacks throughout it

39. I write because it makes me love life and because I can see life better when I write about it

40. My husband calls me the Pillow Nazi because I'm always controlling about the pillows (I wouldn't be if he wasn't always stealing my pillow!)

41. Same with the lights and whether they're on or off

42. But I'm mellow about most other things

43. I lived in India for a while and rode on camels and elephants- I live in India now!

44. I slept under the stars in an Indian desert and rode four days on an Indian ship to get to the Andaman Islands. The ship broke down in the ocean and we ran out of water because they had to use it to cool the engines

45. I will go back to India soon, I hope, with my family It happened!

46. I've also spent time in Thailand and Nepal

47. I'm writing a novel, and my first draft is half-finished (What does half-finished mean, anyways?)

48. I've always wanted to write a book

49. I go to bookstores to ogle the new books and their covers, I love the way they look, the way they feel, the way they smell...

50. I love to read almost too much

51. I'm an ISFP

52. I've always felt that sometimes people can't see God because they need to see Him in a different way than they're used to

53. I speak with a Canadian accent that my superstar husband sometimes mocks me about

54. I can be slightly melodramatic at times

55. I think that Vanilla Heath Bar Crunch Ice Cream is the best in the world, and Créme Brulee is my favorite dessert.

56. I would eat it every day if it wouldn't keep me from getting back into my pre-pregnancy clothes (actually, I probably could eat it every day, now, along with dal and rice)

57. My superstar husband and I direct a non-profit organization

58. We also are working on starting up a wedding photography business  We do wedding photography but what we really want to do is photography for advocacy

59. I write poems

60. I'm not very good at organizing things, which is why I am awed by Elena

61. I really really love my friends but sometimes have a hard time showing it

62. I'm trying to do better- I'd love to be better about sending cards and letters and packages in the mai;

63. I love documentaries and one day I'd like to make one

64. I'm a wimp about movies and I've walked out of many that were too scary or disturbing for me

65. I like happy endings, or at least endings with hope

66. I went to eight different schools growing up

67. And lived in 12 different houses

68. I always want everyone to be happy- I fear disappointing people

69. I hate being called Rache, but I like being called Rae or RaeRae

70. I love structure and routine, but I'm very flexible, especially about big things in life

71. However, my biggest pet peeve is when I'm expecting something that doesn't work out

72. I love mornings, although they are a bit different now that I have kids. I still leap out of bed with the thought of having a cup of tea, though an Americano, though

73. I need a lot of light to thrive, and get depressed in the winter, especially here in our community. We spend a lot of time outdoors, and it feels like we are always walking around in the dark

74. I have good veins, nurses always tell me so

75. I'm very competitive, and I have to be careful to remind myself that games are for fun

76. I love to cook and I usually like what I make, but I haven't had a kitchen I feel comfortable in for a long time and now I have my very own kitchen!

77. My mom is an amazing cook and it seems magic to me, how she can always figure out what to make, every night

78. I look a lot like my sister

79. We think a lot alike, too

80. I have a husband who speaks Korean and German fairly fluently

81. I've had and lost contact with an amazing amount of friends in my life

82. I want to be better at long distance friendships

83. I've had my dreadlocks since September of 2002

84. I can't stand shopping and can only handle a little at a time, except for grocery shopping, which I don't mind

85. I plan to start sewing some of my own clothes, since I feel like I can never find what I'm looking for

86. I was addicted to smoking for years, but I've managed to quit and I feel a lot healthier now

87. I helped manage a deli when I was fourteen

88. I work in administration now

89. I love music, although I'm not a musician

90. My superstar husband is an amazing musician

91. He's pretty much good at everything he does, hence the nickname

92. Plus I figure I can't gripe about him in a bad moment if I call him that

93. I've been much healthier inside since I started blogging

94. I want to adopt kids, which is one of the reasons that I want to stop bearing them will have to wait for a couple more years

95. I feel that looking after oppressed kids will be a bigger part of my life one day

96. I have no talent for small talk

97. In the past people have mistaken me for a snob, but really I'm just shy and a pretty big introvert

98. However, knowing that people can't tell the difference, I'm making more of an effort to make acquaintance with others

99. I once lived in a church on the beach

100. I'm happiest with only a few things