Where is she?

She hasn't dropped off a cliff. She hasn't fallen down in a rainy ditch at the Land. She hasn't been washed down a swollen river, or been pushed into the washing machine for the spin cycle. She hasn't fallen into a deep sleep. She's not hiding, or staying in bed.

She's just crazy busy.

The last week and a half has been one of the busiest times of my life. I have literally slept in maybe twelve different places. I've driven a total of 62 hours. (These may be slight exaggerations) I've had two crackaccinos (you know, the little cappuccino drinks that come out of the machines in gas stations) even though I'm pregnant and I don't drink coffee anyways, just to stay awake. I've had sixteen meetings, slept in a bedroom with four children and five adults, photographed a wedding and attended a funeral. Chinua and I have both cried, in the last week. (This is not so remarkable for me, more so for him) I've eaten at In N Out Burger four times, not entirely by choice. I sat with my family in our broken down vehicle on the side of the highway in the middle of the night for four hours. I haven't watched any movies, although Chinua and I were channel surfing one night, (which always ends in us sighing disgustedly and throwing the remote at the off button on the TV, since even with all the channels there are these days, there is never anything good on) and we found a show called MAN VS. BEAST. It was a show comprised of men competing with animals in feats of strength. Example: a man attempting to hang from a pole longer than an orangutan. Maybe it's just me, but isn't it a little obvious? The winner is... the orangutan, of course, he was made for hanging! I mean, how great do you feel after you win a contest against an animal, anyways? The stupidest one by far though was the four midgets running a relay race against a camel. Sheesh. Reality TV.

Tomorrow morning, Chinua and the kids and I are beginning our drive to Canada. My home and native land. A real journey for the journey mama. I feel very committed to this blog, so I feel almost like apologizing for not writing. I feel like apologizing to myself, too. I hope to write lots during this sojourn. We'll see. I have a whole list of things that I've been learning... there is so much to say.

Now I'm heading to bed, since we're pretty much packed up. (Did I mention ever that all our washers and dryers here at the Land are broken? As a result, I haven't done laundry in a couple of weeks and all our clothes are dirty. So, packing was kinda like rummaging through the hamper for the dirty clothes I want to bring so that I can stuff them all, stinking, in the back pack to take to my parents house where the first thing I will say to them as we fall through the door blissful and exhausted is: Do you mind if I do some laundry?