YaYa has learned the word "mine." Greaaaat. It's a little strange, too, how perfect and precise her pronunciation of it is, seeing as how she has consonant issues with all her other words. You know, like duck is "da" and frog is "ah." She also has directional issues. A lot of her words are backwards. As in, "oof" for food, or "pa" for up. But she can really say "mine" clearly, with extra emphasis on the "n." MiNA.

She does seem to have some confusion (maybe it is just one of the confusing parts of being eighteen months old) over what the word mine applies to. She uses it indiscriminately and with passion. Such passion! Her older brother's pyjamas. MINE! The alarm clock. MINE! The glasses that Mama is wearing on her face. MINE! It can grow a little irritating. We're trying to teach her about voice modulation.

But, she's a bundle of sugar and spice and everything nice. Except, some of that spice is a little bit... spicy. Like habanera peppers instead of cinnamon. She's the sunniest child in the world, until you cross her. Then it's emotion, like, wilting to the stony ground in tears emotion, or anger, like fire eyes and flailing fists anger. Oh, my YaYa. What heights and depths kids reach, in a matter of moments. No wonder they sleep twelve hours a night.