Ten Things I'm Proud Of:

1. Washing my hair yesterday (Sorry if that grosses you out, but since the septic is bad at our cabin and we can't use our water very much, I rarely wash my hair more than every other week. It's why dreadlocks are a good choice for me.)

2. Starting to go through my thousands of unedited digital photos. Maybe soon I'll get some printed and sent out to all my relatives who hate me for never sending photos.

3. Drinking a herbal pregnancy infusion. I am so proud of this. I drink it every day, and I feel soooo healthy. Plus I sleep better, so I don't wake up every time my superstar husband gets in or out of bed.

4. Playing 'Settlers of Catan' with my friends rather than being a hermit. I really made the conscious choice to stay and play... I was halfway back to my cabin planning to bury my pathetic self in a book, and I thought: I should choose people.

5. Having fun playing 'Settlers of Catan'.

6. Winning our game of 'Settlers of Catan'.

7. My new resolve to become a less competitive person, which was not helped by the fact that I won 'Settlers of Catan'. But I did play really nice, choosing to form allies rather than steal from people.

8. Telling my best friend about what is really going on in my life. Openness.

9. Folding the laundry and putting it in the way.

10. MAKING THE CHEESY MASHED POTATOES FOR THANKSGIVING THIS YEAR!!! I had so much fun hanging out in the kitchen while everyone was cooking... it was half the fun of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is always weird for me since it's such a different holiday here than in Canada, and cooking gives me such anxiety that I end up in a puddle on the floor.

Okay, 11. (people really liked my cheesy mashed potatoes. recipe courtesy of my friend megan)

coming up:

10 things I'm not proud of.