So much, it's just funny...

1. Highway 101 going North closed until further notice due to mudslides. Open no sooner than Tuesday.

2. Highway 101 going South closed until further notice due to flooding. They're just not talking about it until Monday.

3. Highway 1 closed South of Fort Bragg. No electricity in Fort Bragg.

4. This effectively means we are stuck. No going south or north. We could go west, but they have no power.

5. No water. Today was day four. No hope of water until further notice. No hope of water until other guys come to help us, but they can't get here until the roads are open, obviously.

6. We thankfully have power. Apparently all of Leggett is without power except for us and the Peg House.

Yay! Power! Let's focus on our blessings. Happy New Year!!!