Kid A has recently begun to get songs stuck in his head. It's so funny to hear him singing these lines to songs with his little husky voice. He's pretty good at imitating a tune and staying in key, but he gets the words confused, and inserts what he thinks he hears. So, we have an album by a Christian artist named Mat Kearney that we've been listening to a lot lately. The first song on the album is called "Trainwreck," as in: "Trainwreck, I'm a trainwreck for you, o Lord, yes I am!" Kid A's version, however, is: "Traintrack, I'm a traintrack for you!" He loves belting out the  "Lord, YES I AM," and especially when he's playing with his toy train on the carpet.

Or, another song on the album goes like this: "I was just a poor boy, living in a poor world, but you've given me your love," (or something like that) Kid A's version of this song goes: "I was just a COWBOY..." That's about the extent he can sing. He just sings the line over and over. One wonders about his theology.

It kills me, though, hearing the random snippets of song that he absentmindedly sings while he's playing. It's funny to hear him singing Coldplay, or Lauren Hill.

He was talking about death the other day. As in, "I should never put a plastic bag over my head? Because then I won't be able to breathe? And you will be very sad?" You can tell we've had this conversation a few times. He went on to say, "When I am an ant, someone will step on me and I will be dead." One wonders about his grasp of reality. But it says a lot about innocence, doesn't it? His experience of death is limited to the squashing of bugs (something his father tries to discourage him from, explaining that bugs have feelings and families, thwarting the best efforts of his little bud, Jed, who encourages him in a gentle, "Squash that phatty bug DEAD, Kid A!"). Neither of the goldfish that Kid A received for his birthday have kicked the bucket yet. (Thank the Lord.)

So, they are delightful, the two of them (my kids, not the fish, although the fish are very pretty as well) and they light up my day as well as exhausting me far beyond what I ever imagined I could be.