This is like when the Return of the King was about to come out and you watched the Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers back to back and then the third movie was so much better because it was all fresh in your mind. This is why I want to tell you the stories of my first two births. That, and I'm trying to remind myself that there's nothing to be scared of. And, I'm as impatient as a girl can be to have this little baby.

(No, I haven't had the baby yet, and Muffin the mystery baby is not the reason why I've been away from the blog. What's the real reason? Taxes. Yup, bane of my life, tax receipts are supposed to be out by the end of January, and as the administrator for our non-profit, I'm frantically working on them so that I won't have to be... after the baby is born. I actually really like doing the tax receipts. I'm exaggerating about them being the bane of my life. I think the bane of my life right now is an empty woodbox.)

So, tomorrow, I'll tell you all about Kid A's birth. (Without getting too graphic.)