News of Little Import

Chinua and I went on a date today courtesy of Grandma and Grandpa who watched the kids. We're staying at my parent's timeshare still, and thought, heck, let's see one more movie before we enter NEWBORN LAND. We saw Fun with Dick and Jane which I thought was hilarious. Tea Leoni played a perfect wife like she did back in Family Man. I love it. You gotta love any movie that stays away from the shrewish wife stereotype. But really, the movie was fun and well-directed, totally surprising and almost impossible to predict.

I am now full-term and am closer to knowing where I will have this baby. Good thing, too, because we are running out of space here and somebody has got to go. Not me. There is just not enough room for two of us anymore. I love you, Muffin, but it's time for us to become a little more separate.

Last, but possibly the news of most import is that Chinua nominated Journey Mama for the Best New Blog at the BoB awards (The Best of Blogs 2005). In a few days we'll know if you need to vote for me or not and I will give you a link to do so. The judges are picking the finalists as I write. Obviously I have not become super hot at the web design side of blogging yet, something I hope to do, so they'll have to really like the writing. I hope they do.

So, now I'm going to wait for the terrible yet addictive show, Project Runway to be showing so that I can see what those crazy fashion designers will sew next! We don't have TV in our neck of the woods, so it's a rare opportunity.