Friday Five: Comforts

Today I'm captivated by the RevGalBlogPals Friday Five.

1. Comfort beverage

Well, I think that a lot of us know what I would choose. It's what I'm drinking RIGHT NOW. A hot cup of Irish Breakfast tea with cream and sugar. Oh Heaven. The stronger the better, nice and sweet, and nothing, no nothing, will make me give this morning treat up. It sings a siren song to me and calls me out of bed. (Do you HEAR ME, "Hypoglycemia for Dummies?" I WILL NOT QUIT DRINKING MY TEA.)

A great nighttime drink is hot chocolate, or hot cocoa, as they say down here. But only as a vehicle for whipped cream.

2. Comfort chair

My little love seat that my family is growing out of. We all pile on and squish each other, and I can see it getting crazy, since the kids will not stop lengthening their limbs. But I love my love seat, and I've loved it ever since some friends gave it to us when we lived in the flat in San Francisco and I would sit in my little room at night with the kids breathing their sleep breath, reading and being alone, while my housemates clattered and clanged in the hallways.

(This brings up quite a side note: You should never assume that anyone is lonely, even if they are eating by themselves. One of my biggest treats to myself when I lived with my family in this house of five hundred was to go and sit in the Best of Thai restaurant down the street ALL BY MYSELF, and order the number 17, and sit and just READ. I'd plough through half a book while I sat there and slowly ate my chow fun with chili and basil, and I got to be a regular. A twice monthly regular. I always wondered if people thought that I was a lonely girl, never knowing that I lived with forty-five thousand people and a husband and two kids. One day I actually went in with my family and some other friends and the people who ran the restaurant pretty much dropped dead with disbelief.)

Anyways. This love seat has come with me to my little tiny cabin in the woods, and now to my larger nicer cabin in the woods. It's an old friend.

3. Comfort read

I was just seriously comforted by "Back When we Were Grownups", by Anne Tyler, which I think is one of my favorite books of all time. I am comforted right now by reading "Soul Survivor" by Philip Yancey, and if I really, really need comfort, I turn to my ultimate favorites, anything by L.M. Montgomery, like the Anne of Green Gables Series, (Canada REPRESENT!) or anything by Robin McKinley.

4. Comfort television/DVD/music

Chinua's album is possibly the most comforting thing in life. When I need comfort I also put on The Innocence Mission or Iron and Wine.

5. Comfort companion(s)

My parents, my sister and brother, my husband. My kids, when we're sitting and cuddling and reading. And so many of my friends here, in my community, abroad. I am comforted by so many things, really, and this was a good exercise, as I now will race to get my day started and work will carry me away...