Bits of miscellany

Here's a multiple choice question: Where did I go on Monday night?

a) Grocery shopping
b) To a hula hooping class
c) To my very first writing group meeting

If you guessed C, you guessed WRONG! (Right, that's just the kind of thing I would subject myself to. Actually, I've been thinking about being a part of one for years, but my own bad breath keeps me away.)

No, really, it was the hula hooping class. I went with my friends Renee and Candace, as well as an Israeli man who was staying with us for a couple of nights. I learned to hoop, as well as trying, with no success, I'll add, to hoop around my knees and my neck. My kidney area is all bruised now, but it was fun. I was surprised. I sort of went expecting to try to be a good sport, but I ended up having a lot of fun making Kenya a mini-hoop.


Kai delights me everyday. Yesterday he was wearing a little pair of boxers for the first time, and he was so PROUD about the "box-squares" as he called them. In the evening, while he was getting ready for bed, he had his shirt off, and he said, "Guys wear this in the Plaza."

I smiled.

"You mean, pants with no shirt?" He nodded.

"Yeah, and with their box-squares sticking out over top." He walked away, swaggering a little.

My son is four and he's already saggin'.