Headline: Grumpy Mother Turns Nice

So here I am, shlepping around in grumpiness, being snarky with the kids, stubbing my toes every once in a while. I went to bed too late, oh dear. No fun for anyone.

I was going to write a post about my blood sugar issues, and it was going to be titled: No more tea, no more sugar, no more happiness. I'm finding more and more out about hypoglycemia (the controversial kind) and realizing that drinking a cup of sugary caffeine first thing in the morning might be the reason that I fall into a deep despair at about, say, 10:06. So, anyways, working on nutrition issues, mourning the loss of sweety creamy tea in my life, all that jazz.

But then I found out that Chris, from Notes From the Trenches, whom I look up to immensely as a mother and a writer, had awarded me for a Perfect Post for this post. A Perfect Post is a beautiful tradition started by Lucinda. And Chris wrote things about me that encouraged me so much that my morning has been transformed. I feel full, I feel like clouds can't keep me in. Thanks.