Today (This is what you call a shadowy post. It is a shadow of what I would write if I had time.)

Long drive to work in the City (over three hours).
No kids.
Three dead deer, along the way.
Holes in my shoes.
No heat in my van.
Visited an injured friend and his amazing wife.
Wanted to cry.
Cried a little.
Said goodbye.
More storms.
Two accidents holding up traffic.
Crazy rain.
Couldn't see.
Stopped to eat.
Cleared up a little.
Sun warmed me, just a bit.
Arrived at work.
Lots of work.
Just finished.
Feet still wet.
Headed home.
Long drive ahead.
Dark and rainy.
No heat in the van.
Errands to run (need diapers, food, and a keyboard and mouse).
At the end, home.
Babies in bed.
Morning will come.
It always does.