What do you do when you are in the middle of making fudge (the old-fashioned way) and the dinner bell rings (yes, we have a dinner bell) and you start rushing to get it done, but then you ruin it because you rushed it, and besides that, when you get up to dinner, late, there is no more food, because of a miscalculation, so then you come back to your cabin with your family and eat a grilled cheese, and your daughter puts her fingers into all your tins of fudge, further ruining them?

Do you a) put more ornaments on the tree with the kids?
b) decide to start another batch of fudge in the morning?
c) get really grumpy and stressed out with your Superstar Husband?
or d) go to bed early.

The answer, my friends, is all of the above.

Also, does it matter that you are late with almost everything Christmas related?

Yes, but it doesn't matter enough to ruin Christmas over. Be calm, have fun, spread some love and cheer, too, cheer's great, but love is better.