Vegas. Where waste and extortion are dressed up better than they are in Reno.

1. Another great use for headlamps: looking for the baby tylenol at 2:49 AM as your baby refuses to sleep because all sixty of his upper teeth decided to sprout out at the same time. And I'm only exaggerating slightly. After waiting for ten months to start pushing any teeth through, the Leaf baby is getting it done, all at once.

2. Overheard at the grocery store yesterday:

"Did you have a good Christmas?"

"Yeah, but I'm never going to Reno again! Reno sucks."

"Oh yeah?"

"Uh huh, it's NOTHING like Vegas."

"Reno's the ghetto Vegas, huh?"

"It's lower than that. It's like a dirty back alley compared to Vegas."

3. We had a message on our answering machine lately, accusing us of many things, among them, not caring about Jesus, God's kingdom, Prince Will, Trey Anastasio, or Prince Will. The girl also was very angry that we don't care about the royal family in Windsor, Prince Will, her own kingdom here in America, Prince Will, or the homeless. Or Prince Will. It was long and passionate and profane, and we stood listening, baffled and amused and sad at the same time.