City Things

We just got back from the City, from doing City things like masquerading as fashion models and applying for passports and eating sandwiches out of our cooler in the van in an attempt to not spend a million dollars on food in the West Coast city of food, San Francisco.

Our friend was working on a promotional flyer for a fashion show he's doing in May and asked my Superstar Husband (who has been an extra and model in the past) and I to help out by modeling. The theme was Peace on Earth, with multiracial models. I represented Northern Europe. In one shot I actually had the British Flag draped over me. It was really fun, and somewhat comical, since I was head and shoulders taller than all the other girls (none of us were real models) and recovering from neck surgery, seven weeks after I had my baby. A silly time to be a model. Good thing there were a lot of neck accessories available.