Day Twenty-two

Oh, I love Lupine. It's that pretty purple wildflower, so enchanting and beautiful in dirty ditches on the side of the road. Last year at this time Chinua and the kids and I had this amazing week long vacation in San Luis Obispo, and we went on a drive that was so beautiful that we almost had several car accidents, staring at the view. It was along an old highway called Santa Rosa Creek Road. The kind of old highway that was so narrow and winding that it took us an hour to drive 15 miles. But so, so beautiful. At one point we had to stop and fall out of the car. This is what it looked like.



This is what YaYa looked like a year ago. I can't believe it.





I just have one more point about airline silliness, and then I'm done.


I was corrected for having my sleeping baby in my wrap around baby carrier during landing, and told that I needed to take him out and hold him on my lap for both take off and landing. When I pointed out that having him in the carrier was pretty much the same as holding him, the flight attendant told me that he couldn't be attached to me. For safety reasons. Does this make sense to you? Because it makes sense to me that if I'm buckled in, and the baby is attached to me, he's safer than say, flying through the cabin if we have a rough landing and I can't hold onto him. Isn't that why we have carseats now? Because people think they'll be able to hold their babies, and it turns out that they involuntarily let go.


But anyways. Tomorrow Chinua gets home. I won't describe how ecstatically happy I am about this because I don't want to make you ill.