No more days

Chinua is home and we met him at the airport with fanfare and squealing. I also stood clapping my hands and smiling like a complete moron while I waited for the rest of my family to come over to the legal side of the line. I was trying to keep the kids from running under the barrier at the international arrivals lobby. You know, the barrier that looks like it's made of seat belt material or something. They were pretty good about it, although Kid A could not understand why on earth we couldn't just go looking for Daddy. Once he showed up, though, they darted through like naughty puppies and it was fine. No one's going to get angry with a couple of lovestruck preschoolers with their daddy. I stayed on the proper side, though, and strangely couldn't stop clapping my hands until I could hug my superstar husband.

He looks good. He looks like he was out in the sun, a whole lot. Which he was, in the mountains of Turkey. We've been watching some of his video, and it looks amazing.

Kid A can't stop talking to him. He wants to tell Chinua every single thing that has happened since he left. Speaking of Kid A, I'm glad to see that by marrying one another, Chinua and I haven't diluted the absentmindedness gene a single bit. Today Kid A wore two pairs of undies, since he apparently forgot to take one pair off before putting the other pair on. I was so busy getting us ready to drive the four hours to the airport that I didn't notice.

Great google searches that reached my blog:

1. Canned Ravioli while pregnant (Don't do it)
2. Caffeine allowance
3. Are salamanders the same as newts? (An age-old question)
4. Miss my husband (Not anymore!)