Newt? Or Salamander?

It's no use arguing over whether the little lizards that the boys are finding (or should I say, Jedidiah is finding) all over the Land are newts or salamanders, because it turns out that they are pretty much the same thing.

Except when they're dead, in which case I freak out. Elena came to collect Jed today and when the boys showed her their lizards she said, "This one looks dead to me," and then I had to suddenly turn and run quickly up the hill, shrieking. Not too many things make me scream and run away. Dead things. And people waiting in the dark to scare me. That always makes me scream. I remember one time in Berkeley my friend Eddie (Renee's husband) ran up to me and growled, "Gimme all your money," and I screamed so loud I must have given everyone within a block radius simultaneous heart attacks.

Today it was two dead lizards in one day. Two is too many. One was huge and we think a cat got him, and just thinking about him makes me want to get up and run out of my cabin.

Speaking of dead things. Why are all the hens dead? We have one hen left, and one rooster. Skunks have killed the rest, despite a valiant effort to keep them safe. Not valiant enough, apparantly. Those dastardly skunks. Killing what they don't even stick around to eat. It's heartbreaking, especially since they were just about to start laying eggs again.

Today was Day Two. Today there was no glass in the toilet and a minimum of whining. The Leaf baby took amazing naps all day. Our hot water heater was fixed (I think I neglected to mention that it's been broken for awhile) and I made soup for the community for dinner and some rockin' biscuits. I always love cooking for everyone because it feels like such an accomplishment and I so rarely get to do it.

Today I woke up with excitement, thinking about Chinua arriving in Turkey, feeling almost like I'm arriving in a new country.