Poison Air

We had an incredible time on our journey to Sacramento.

I talked about kids spilling out of doorways, swarming everywhere like little chubby puppies. This could even be considered an understatement. We have a large spread out community of friends, friends that we've known for years, and together we have started what could be a fairly large preschool. On Sunday afternoon everyone who was in the area got together at our friends' house for a barbeque and there were sixteen kids, ages five and under. The boys. Oh the boys. Such a gaggle of boys, all testoteroned up and ready to rumble. They actually played together fairly well except for the occasional right-hook to the jaw. And the girls. There were three two-year-old girls there, walking around looking adorable and edible. And there were others, girls of all ages. It was madness. It was beautiful.

We stayed with our great friends, Mark and Marcia, people who just make you want to be exactly like they are after 36 years of marriage, so totally in love and in tune with each other. They fed us and took care of us and Marcia rummaged through her cupboards almost the whole time that we were there, searching for the perfect remedy for my allergies.

I had the worst allergies that I've ever had in my life. It wasn't as bad as one friend, who had to go to the E.R. because of an allergy attack, but after being at the Whole Earth Festival for a whole day I felt like someone had tripped me on a dirt path and then decided to sit on my chest. I could barely breathe. Chinua (who got hit pretty hard himself) said that it was as if the air was our enemy. Sacramento has many large trees of thousands of different species, and the combination of so many different types of pollen in the spring causes some people to even have to evacuate. My friend Jessie came through with some strong meds that seemed to hold everything at bay, though, and things got better after that.

It was good to come back to the cool quiet Redwoods. My allergies are milder here, my kids are in bed on time. Traveling is fun, and coming home is like putting your feet up after you've been walking all day.