Little Things

This is the room at the Land that I've been using to paint in.

I like to call it my "Studio", even though it's a very temporary place for me to use to make art in. (I think my good friend Cate is going to move here for awhile and live in this building; we call it the Garden Shack) Calling it my studio helps me paint better. It's not a glamorous spot, but I have a new love for life since I've been painting again, so to me it's a loft in the Presidio of San Francisco. Painting even helps me be more fun with my kids because it fills me up. I think that art is what I was born to do. I took this photo a few days ago, and looking at it now I'm amazed at how far the painting has come since then. I just got in from working on it tonight.

These are my supplies.

I love them, too, and one of the biggest treats that I can give myself is to go to the art store and buy a new tube of paint. An Ultramarine Blue, or a Cadmium Yellow. If I'm really feeling crazy, maybe a Permanent Violet.

Not gray, never gray. In my opinion, gray is the biggest waste of money in the paint world.

This is the tree that is blossoming right outside the room that I'm using as a studio.

Beautiful, isn't it? Summer came to us swiftly. It doesn't even feel like spring, with 80 degree weather everyday. Today Jed and Kid A were playing in the kiddie pool on Jed's porch. One minute we were freezing in the rain, the next minute all our heaters are off and we'll be saving tons on our gas and electric bills. Sweet.

This is Job.

He's our tree climbing rooster. Well, I guess he doesn't climb, he flies. Job is a survivor. He has survived two major massacres, when both sets of his wives were killed. In the first massacre, he was the only man left standing. That's when he received the name "Job". Then he got some new wives and they have been slowly picked off this spring, by vicious and nasty skunks who can apparently chew through chicken wire. Job has one wife left, and they've got the spring love bug, which can be a little embarrassing. Keep it in the coop, guys.