Who's got the cookies?

If the phone rings and it's for me, you can find me waist deep in my stuff. I'm decluttering, having promised myself and my superstar husband that I would go through EVERYTHING once we moved.

This house is so beautiful, it should never become cluttered. Plus, I'm trying to get it looking lovely for that tour I promised.

So, lately, I've been going through the baby and kid clothes, trying to sort through what I'm getting rid of and what I'm keeping, what fits Kid A now but is too warm, what will fit him later, what fits YaYa but is too warm, what will fit her later, what of Kid A's fits Leaf, what fits Leaf but is too warm, what won't fit Leaf for a few more years, what will fit Leaf in a few months, what I want to give to Megan (if she wants it) for her baby girl, what goes to the consignment store, and what goes to whatever thrift store will take it.

I'll see you in a few years.

I did go to Arcata today, though. We've started bringing chai and cookies to the park downtown called the Plaza, although today everyone thought that someone else had the cookies, so we only had chai to serve to people. More cookies for us. We are cookie monsters.

And that reminds me that Kid A wants me to rent the movie, "Monsters Love People". Kid A's world is such a sweet, happy world.