Oh Blogger,

Your photo uploading service is just what I should expect from what I'm paying (which is nothing):

In a word: Poo.

Your photo uploading service is poo. Maybe poo is just on my mind because I'm smelling it in YaYa's diaper right now (pause to change diaper) or because of the Leaf Baby's very strange pooing rituals (more on that later) but you know, it is the perfect description of what I feel for the way that no photos will appear in my post, no matter how many times I try to upload them. I simply don't have this kind of time, Blogger. You and I are through. Soon.

And unfortunately, the 3 Episode feature, "Cabins of our Lives" will have to wait.

Poo poo poo.



PS: To everyone else. Tomorrow is the one-year anniversary of this blog. I guess I think that sticking it out for a year means that I'm committed, so I'll be working on my site a little, putting a little more attention into this. The cobbler's wife is no longer going shoeless: my superstar husband is going to help me design a site.

Okay. And... The Leaf Baby is officially the strangest baby I've ever met when it comes to poo. He has done this now for a few weeks, so I can officially think of it as a phenomenon, rather than a few isolated incidents. In fact, this is the ONLY way he poos now.

With help. With me as a cheering section.

I'm so serious. He'll wait! He holds his poo until I ask him if he needs to poo and then he goes, while I act like a Lamaze coach. I don't know how long this will last, it may be like YaYa with her infant Bollywood dancing. It faded away at some point and we miss it, we have videos of it, but it's gone. But Leaf (although I rather think we won't videotape it) has this family pooing thing down to a T. What usually happens is I am changing him, and I notice him looking at me intently (I swear this is true). Then I ask him if he needs to poo, and he says very clearly "Yes, mother." (Okay, that part's not true, but the rest is) Then he poos into the open diaper and I help him out with encouragement when the going gets rough. Yes. This is strange. But don't you see how GOOD it could be?

I tried something called Diaper Free with Kid A, mostly because I thought we'd be going strange back to India, and I wanted to be ready. This was when he was a tiny infant, and it involved him pooing into a bowl while he was nursing. (I am SO fully aware that if it wasn't already fixed in your mind that I am a complete and utter hippie, it is firmly entrenched now. Yes, it's true. I also haven't used a razor in years. I feel giddy from the anniversary thing--we might as well get all of this in the open now.) Anyways, I gave up on the Diaper Free thing when I realized that as I was working part time, I couldn't have my baby tied to me during every moment of the day. I'm not really that kind of mom anyway.

But this, THIS. Can you see how Leaf could now be trained to poo in the toilet? Can you see the half-crazed look in my eye?

Well. We'll see. I'll let you know how it goes.

Stay tuned, because tomorrow I'll be doing a smorgasboard of my favorite posts from the year.