A Walk Through Memory Lane

I'm totally tooting my own horn with this whole one year anniversary thing, I KNOW! But I'm celebrating, what can I say? Celebrating sticking with something. This blog has been so good for me. Basically, before I started it, I felt like a victim. I felt like the world was always getting the upper hand, and by turning it all into stories, writing it all down, I've got the upper hand again. I can see things again, when I write about them.

Otherwise I just feel like I'm walking around without my glasses on.

A year ago I was walking into walls a lot. I'm so glad that I can share here, so glad that I can know the friends that I have on and off the internet better everyday, so thankful for the friends who come by and comment.

I was having fun reading some old posts and thought I'd share:

Here's the one that started it all... my first post, about Kid A's antics, which made me think, I've either got to write this down or send him to military school.

I consider sending them to military school again and realize how much I love my superstar husband.

Here are a couple of helpful lists:

One on being pregnant:

And one on writing a novel: (Still working on that, folks!)

How about the day I became hysterical in court?

Or disgusting dinner topics?

YaYa's issues with colour coordination.

A poem.

My social anxiety flares up in Bed Bath and Beyond,

And here I write about living free.

Here's a good one about friends. (I especially like the part where I say that we won't be able to move into our house for at LEAST another month, in December. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... well, we're here now.)

My sermon on happiness (or the lack of it).

My first letter to the person who stole our tools, and the New Year's catastrophe.

Here's the birth of the Leaf Baby, and my note to him on his one-month birthday.

Here are some conversations with Kid A, and the story of my surgery.

My second letter to the person who stole our tools.

I revive an old story which involves bran cake and nuclear curry.

An attempt at meditation and my birthday letter to YaYa.

The story of Chinua's proposal... and my trip to Los Angeles.

The "T-Rex twos", and a barfy night.

A disastrous weekend, and that time I was left behind.

And everything past that is just, well, recent.