Enough with the honesty; let's see some photos!

The day before yesterday we took a break from laying around like slugs in our own shiny trails and went to Lake Tahoe. The playground once again provided us with unsayable amounts of delight in our shutter button fingers. I should say, Chinua's shutter button finger. Photo credit for these goes to my superstar husband.

Kid A was having so much fun on the swing.

That is, until he got sucked into that strange swing vortex.

I've encountered this before, and it's never pretty. We found him later in the hot tub back at the condo. He was shaken, but seems fine.

Then there was the soap opera of YaYa and the geese. Here, she has decided that in order for her happiness to be complete, she needs to have a goose.

Unfortunately, all the geese jumped in the lake and swam away. Here she is after their rejection has begun to sink in. She can't quite comprehend what has just happened.

Here she is contemplating whether life is worth living anymore.

And here her grief changes to anger. I worry for the geese.

We also came up with some possible future career choices for Leaf.

1. Foot model. Because these are the best feet in the world.

2. Dictator of the Pod People. They are due for a new tyrant.

3. Black Panther. Although he may have some internal struggles over this one.