Yesterday was my mom's birthday and I got the dates mixed up, thinking that she was born on the last day of August, rather than the second-to-last day. I felt pretty smug, knowing that I was going to call first thing in the morning today, happy that I had remembered. When I got a call from my dad, I was pretty sure that I knew why he was calling.

"Are you calling because you're reminding me of Mom's birthday?" He said yes, then we chatted for awhile and I don't exactly remember at what point it was that I figured out that I had my days mixed up, but suddenly the phone call became more clear, since it was halfway through the day. I told him I would call her later, after she got back from an appointment.

So, later, I called my mom, wished her happy birthday, and we talked for awhile about this and that, about how someone in my community had made the comment "really old people in their sixties" and how funny that was (not that my mom's in her sixties- not even close) and we talked about the kids of course, and how they are all perfect beautiful geniuses in the minds of their grandparents, and then she said, "Did you talk to Dad about... oh, well, when was the last time you talked to Dad?" And she tried to go on, but I stopped her, laughing. "You're a really bad faker, mom."

Probably when Kid A and YaYa are older they'll neglect to call me on my birthday and Chinua will have to call them to remind them, and then I'll pretend (better than my mother) that I didn't know he called. But the Leaf baby will never forget. No, not the Leaf baby.

Kid A's fourth birthday is tomorrow, and so, in the spirit of Love Thursday, which you can participate in at Chookooloonks, here's a photo of Kid A and I loving each other.