I said I'd show these, so...

WE got back from the City the other day and while we were there we managed to eat both Pho Ga and Indian food in two days, so HA! Take that, small town pizzeria where the waitresses always forget our orders and come out 45 minutes later to find out what the heck they're supposed to be serving us anyways!

It was a good trip, characteristic of us in its suddenness and brevity. We spent the night in Sacramento on Friday night and went out to eat to celebrate the big "5 years of marriage award". (Which we awarded to ourselves, no one else gave us an award, in the same way that you never get awarded for paying your bills on time.) Our friend Renee babysat, and Chinua and I were out on the town alone for perhaps the first time since Leaf was born. It was amazing and we had a lot of fun.

Then we headed to San Francisco on Saturday, and though we were a disappointed when the event that was the reason for our trip didn't come about, we were able to see plenty of friends, and smell them all too, with their unique and delightful scents. Contrary to popular belief, most hippies don't smell bad. Smelling bad usually only plagues people who don't wash ever. And sometimes even people who wash have smelly feet. This is not their fault.

I ran into Adam, who had a couple of the shots we took on this day. I hate the one he had of me rather a lot, because although I am trying to look intense, like he asked us to, I look like someone kicked me in the face and is laughing about it. I also look as though I'm exhausted, which I probably am, since it was about 11:00 at night when Leaf was seven weeks old, two weeks after my neck surgery, and I also am eerily horse-like. You might expect me to open my mouth and neigh. Or eat some oats and slobber on your hand looking for an apple. There is something wrong with my lips, too. And I'm wearing a flag that represents the UK, which has nothing to do with me, but the Canadian flag wasn't edgy enough for the shoot, I suppose. As you know, the Canadian flag has a pretty leaf on it, and maple leaves are not very edgy.

I wasn't actually going to show that photo, but I got so much enjoyment out of writing about it that I have to show it now, or you'll be dying to see it and I'll be a big tease. Gak. Here it is.

Here's the other one he had, of all of us. I'm the sleepy looking tiny blond head way in the back, lost in a sea of dark hair. My superstar husband is beside me, looking astonishingly cheerful, considering that by this time it must have been 3:00 in the morning. I exaggerate. Anyways, enjoy!