A better popper and a competition with an inanimate object.

I only have two musings for you tonight.

1. Is there a word for the skill of being able to pop the bubbles in bubble wrap efficiently? Or a definition for the ability to do it more efficiently than your older brother? So much so that he keeps wanting to switch sheets of bubble wrap, because he thinks yours is better, but the truth is that you are two and a half and you are the best bubble wrap bubble popper around. Is this a fine motor skill?

2. Is it pathetic to get your adventure kicks out of pushing the limit of your gas tank? As in, trying to make it to the next town even though the gas light is on and has been on and you are so starved for adventure that you think, bring it ON, fuel sensor, it's you and me in the ring now? And it's dark? And you are having so much fun and strategizing by not using your gas pedal down the hills because you have a better chance of winning?

Okay. I answered the second question on my own.