I do have to take it back, what I said about internet recipes.

Three reasons.

1. All of your comments about finding the right places to look for recipes. (Duh, Rae)

2. The incredibly scrumptious apple turnovers (crostates?) that I found at Her Able Hands. Delicious. I tripled the recipe, which was an interesting form of self torture, (what with all that cutting of butter into the flour) but I was trying to make enough for all of us, as well as for our church potluck. I love our church potlucks, and I love that our church is so intergenerational, and that an elderly lady named Velma is possibly the brightest star I've seen. She pats my arm and tells me that I'm truly a beautiful girl and she loves my hair, just as she blesses everyone else she sees.

3. Well, you could say that I rush things. I do, okay? I'm sorry. But I always try to make cheesecake on the day of, and now I will change my ways. Because Renee and I found that the resemblance to scrambled eggs almost disappeared after some cold hard refrigeration.