More than the day before

It is morning and I am writing with a little head snuggled into my shoulder. The other two kids are still in bed. Incense is thick in the air. I have begun the practice of burning incense while I pray in the mornings, in the dark, to see the rising smoke and know that God hears my little words.

Kid A sits beside me, he scratches his neck, where he still gets eczema, from time to time, especially if I am not careful enough with his diet. I remember how overwhelmed I was by feeding three kids with food allergies, back when I first started. Now it is simple to me. So much of life is like that.

Kid A is wearing his blue jammies with the feet. YaYa calls them her slippery jammies, and slips and slides all over the floor like a fish in them. I love Kid A's eyelashes. Last night when I got home I felt exuberant, like I could float away because of the love that supports me. We played the game again, where we talk about what we like about each other, all piled on to the love seat like puppies. YaYa said that she loves the hugs that both of her brothers give. Kid A said that he likes that YaYa is so bee-youtiful. Leafy ran back and forth.

A few things made me feel better, after I wrote that last post. I still mean all of what I wrote, and sorrow wells up in me, but some things sustain me.

Your kind comments. I am so blessed to have you as my friends, reading my words and giving your kind input and understanding. Sometimes all I need is sympathy, you know? You know.

And then, I went to visit with some dear friends, and they showed me photos of the two lovely places that we will most likely end up living in, in India. One is mountainous and lovely, in the North. And one is beachy and tropical, in the South. And it hit me. I've been wanting to go back to India for so, so long. And finally, we are going. I felt wave after wave of happiness wash over me as I looked at the photos. Because India, also, is one of my homes. And I am returning.

My heart is busy storing up days that tell of God's faithfulness to me. How He stretches the line of my life like a ribbon, fitting it around the various curves and over the various mountains, lining it up in pleasant places, even in the midst of sorrow.

Today, we have even more evidence that we are being tenderly cared for than yesterday. So much of life is like that.

And now I have to look after the needs of this patient boy who is sitting beside me, the one with the nose that is so perfect I would like to have it framed.