In lieu of depth or wit.

Maybe some people can be on the computer while their children are conscious. But me? Not really.

The following is an example of what happens if I try to squeeze fifteen minutes of blog reading in between breakfast and school.

I look up and scratch my nose. What? Leafy is running around the house with a box on his head and his diaper, which I apparently haven't pinned very well, around his knees! What is going on? When I attempt to fix it, I realize that he has very obviously pooped.

But where is the poo? The poo is MIA.

The poo is found on the kids' bedroom floor, among the blocks, where Leafy has apparently been thinking of ways to solve the poo problem by himself, since several more diapers have been pulled off the shelf and there has been an attempt to "clean up". (Smear it around.)

Hallelujah! I was feeling a bit down anyways, and this will totally be the shining moment that I can use as a foundation for the rest of my day!

Fifteen minutes, I'm telling you, that's all it takes for utter havoc to take the throne.