Well, today is November 1st, Moving Day and also the first day of that thing people do where they post every day for the month. I don't post every day, as you may have noticed. Some people already post every day. Good people like blackbird. But me, I thought, hey! It'll be fun.

Little did I know.

I think this upcoming month may be one of the busiest of my life. Good busy, but crazy busy. So, we'll see how my posting every day goes. I have the best intentions, of course.

So, today is Moving Day. And I'm still here, after an insane week of packing and sorting and purging and burning and cleaning. Do any of you clean under your couches? You really should, because then you won't be like me and be embarrassed when people pick them up and put them in the truck and it looks like a littered beach has been left behind on your floor. A beach littered with small toys. But who has time to move their furniture?

A bunch of stuff, including all seven pieces of our furniture and all of our strange instruments, are on the truck. It says a lot about us that about half of our belongings are cameras and the other half are odd musical instruments. We have more antique cameras than a camera dealer. But anyways. Some people collect Thomas Kincade, we collect Russian medium format cameras.

A whole lot of stuff is waiting for me to continue sorting it. We really are in the middle of this, right now.

I have survived without having a heart attack, and Renee, who is also packing to move, is just barely surviving without having a nervous breakdown. I had to look at her quite sternly yesterday and say, "Renee, you need to calm down." She has too much going on, poor girl. And Mike and Julie, the other couple who live here, are busy being the sweetest people in the world, watching the kids for us, making dinner, helping us load the truck.

It's going to be weird, going away from community cold turkey like this. As Renee said yesterday, I'm going to be looking around at about 10:00 in the morning and scratching my head, thinking--something's not right. Because where's Renee? She should be at my house making coffee by now.

But in other ways, it will be delightful. Chinua and I have lived with other people our whole married life, and before, too! We hope that a community will form in India. But until then, we need a little break.

The surprising part is that Chinua is driving the moving truck South, to Sacramento, and the kids and I are driving North, to Eugene. I'm on my way to Canada again. We didn't plan it this way, but remember how I said my grandmother was sick? We got the news that she's really quite sick, and I need to go and see her. So I am driving to Edmonton.
This will be a month of journeying, since I'm taking another trip at the end of the month, this one a working trip that is so very exciting that I can barely contain myself. I'll tell you more about that one later.

As for now, I need to finish packing. The morning light is just beginning to filter through the trees and the kids are being crazy in their room. I think I'll bring some coffee to Renee's cabin, across the Land. Today we are saying goodbye to our home.