While Aunty Becca was here she got the kids using her camera. She's brave like that. I thought I'd share some kid photography with you.

Here's YaYa's photo of me.

I look pretty happy, don't I? It's probably because YaYa spread her special blankie on me just minutes before she took the photo, and then she told me to say "cheese," like all good photographers do.

Next we have a photo of Kid A's perspective of the house.

Notice that I have my hands on my hips, like all good mothers do. Also that I have half a head.

And here is YaYa from Leafy's perspective. This one is pretty abstract. I like the lines.

And my favorite, this one that Aunty Becca took. Me and my precious YaYa, who let me snuggle with her and her blankie.