Okay, guys? Not giving anything away or anything, but don't try the iPod charging thing at home. I'm just saying. Okay? Just take my word for it. And you didn't hear it here. I just don't want you to think that I was misleading you or anything. And I don't want you ruining your iPods.

Right now I'm at the library. I haven't even changed my address at the DMV yet, or even got my name on our bank account, but I HAVE A LIBRARY CARD. Which equals power. Power to be on the internet while my kids wreak havoc, cavorting among the books. Who needs a debit card when you have the library?


Okay, I just took a break to go and use the potty, bringing all three kids with me. When Kid A went to flush his toilet, it decided to take a break from the norm and erupt! All over the floor! And our feet! We got our sorry selves out of there, and then I had to tell the lady at the front, "Hi, nice to meet you, we're new in town! We just spouted poop water all over your floor!"

Why do things like this always HAPPEN to me when I try to have a family outing?

I think it's time to go.