There are four days until we leave for Burkina Faso. FOUR DAYS. Can I just say that this is the craziest November that I've ever had? EVER EVER.

The move, the driving, the accident, the new house, the preparation for this trip. And Thanksgiving!  Shopping with my kids today was probably almost as crazy as any of the aforementioned things. Basically, to maneuver around the store we needed to walk in single file. However, my children don't understand the concept of single file. What they do seem to understand is the concept of touching everything and bouncing around in front of people's carts, including mine, until I accidentally run them over.

I am so excited about going to Burkina Faso that I'm practically rabid with it. I'm foaming at the mouth. And now I am going home to brine a turkey. Disconnect. Hmmm.

(I really would love to have internet access at my house, if only to shelter you from any more of these five minute posts. But hey, at least there are a lot of them!)

(Also, I guess I'll have to spell it out, since I am apparently so trustworthy. The eggnog is a hoax. A pretty good one, though, huh? The SH lies?!!? Only when it's funny.)