Guess where I am right now!

I'll give you a few hints. The search for wifi has brought me to that small room in the house with all the plumbing. Yes. I'm sitting on the pot, writing to you. We get wifi in the bathroom! Nowhere else! We had no idea, until this very evening. Oh, the Google Maps I could have searched, here in the bathroom, the thrift stores I could have found.

Happy Thanksgiving. What more can I say? We had our very good friends over and cooked a completely traditional meal. I did my first turkey, first stuffing, first gravy. Usually at the Land I'm in charge of the mashed potatoes. That's it, because there are so many people cooking and there are people everywhere. This Thanksgiving has been sweet, good friends, good food.

But like a lot of other things lately, it is bittersweet.

I miss you, Fam Fam.