I feel a little scared that the Leafy Boy might grow up in the ten days that I am gone. I really, really don't want that to happen. What if I come back and he's like, four? He's already learning about sixty-five words per day, I don't want any extra growth happening as well.

I'm probably worried over nothing. They'll all be fine. The dads will be fine. They may make more videos, but they'll be fine.

Mostly, I'm ecstatic. I'm finally allowing myself to be excited about this trip and the good that is going to be happening through it. I'll be glad when I can finally write all about it. I hope to give tidbits, even before LJUrban posts from their site, but I'm willing to concede that Nablopomo may truly be over for me. We'll see.

In the meantime, Jessie and Cyndy and I will be boarding our flight early tomorrow morning, on our way to Paris, then Burkina Faso. The Paris part is crazy, I quite honestly never thought that I would ever go to Paris in my lifetime. It just goes to show you that maybe the darkest part of the storm really is right before the light. Or however that saying goes. I just totally messed that up, didn't I?