Who knows what day it even is?


We have been meeting with the director of the project we are working on, and all I have in my head is his accent. It is making it difficult to write in English, because I am composing my words with the understanding of someone who writes little English in mind.

En Francais, s'il vous plait.

We have mastered the Paris Metro. Yesterday it was not so good, but today, Voila! We glide from stop to stop with the greatest of ease. The subway is interesting. Let's just say that the way the French use arrows is very different from the way we use arrows. But yesterday we were also suffering from lack of sleep. We went for 32 hours without sleep and then fell in our beds and slept for twelve hours. It's a good way to get on the right time schedule.

Since we missed the 26th, here is a little post that I wrote on the plane:


Okay, we're getting close to Paris and I've realized something for not quite the first time. I CANNOT sleep sitting up. I try and try, and no matter how exhausted I am, I can't get to that sweet drooling sleepy time place. I remember once, desperate on a Thai bus, when I simply gave up and laid on the floor among all the feet. The floor was hot and incredibly dirty and I slept like a baby. Now, knowing a little bit more about Asian cultures and their ideas about feet, I'm sure they were horrified. But they didn't show it, smiling and frowning sweetly at me.

I don't think that would go over as well here on Delta Airlines. Bummer. Anyways, it looks like my first day in Paris may be a little blurred by sleep deprivation. Which may be just what I need to get the courage to use my elementary school Francais. Voulez-vous repetez, s'il vous plait?

Do you ever have that incredible urge to leap up when the call for a doctor on board comes over the PA system on a flight? I've heard that call a couple of times, and tonight I'm really hoping that the person who needed the doctor is alright, but I also feel like dancing to my feet and yelling, "I'm a doctor!" Which would be a complete lie, since I'm totally not a doctor. Wanting to be a doctor is not the same as being a doctor.

Also, wanting to be a breakdancer is not at all the same as actually knowing how to breakdance.


And now I need to go to sleep. Tomorrow we get up very early to fly to Burkina Faso.