Bear with me while I post the lamest post ever because I have to post today and I am empty like an empty sack of peanuts with only a few shells left. Who put the shells back in the bag anyways? That is so rude, when people do that, like people want to reach into the bottom of a bag of peanuts and think, "Woo! More peanuts!" and then realize that it's just a shell.

But life can be disappointing that way.

However, Ketchup chips never disappoint, with their sweet salty red tartness, their delightful crunch. All you Americans who have never bitten into a Ketchup chips should wring your hands and bend your heads in sorrow. Maybe one of your Canadian friends (I hope you all have Canadian friends- if not, go find one. Now.) will take pity on you and send you a bag. Right now I am sitting at Uncle "Jesus" Matty and Aunty Lara's house eating ketchup chips. And Aunty Lara just told Uncle Matty that he was really rude, like any good newlywed wife should, and I am glad that he has someone else in his life to teach him manners.

Forgive me, I'm feeling pretty patriotic right now, since I was at the Passport Office today, asserting my Canadian-ness with all of my being and identification. Also, every single person I met on my trip to Edmonton was such a tribute to the beauty of Canada, as well as those ballet guys who pulled us out of the car, and the nice man who was sitting next to me at the airport and who I heard inviting the Quebecois woman whom he had just met to stay with him and his wife if she ever needed to stay over in his town, for work. Can you believe it? And then, when I was repeating the story to my sister, we happened to be passing the man, and he was overhearing me tell the story, so I quickly changed stories, because that always works. So I was like, "and then he said, 'do you ever have to stay in my town for work?' ... (this is where I noticed that he was listening) and then Chinua came into the store and asked for red tomatoes, but there were no red tomatoes, so he asked to stay over," and Becca grew more and more confused.

We had a lot of fun taking photos of each other in the airport, and entertaining everyone around us by pretending to be burned up in the fireplace. If there's anything more interesting that one wacky girl with dreadlocks, it's two wacky girls with dreadlocks who look alike, taking photos of each other pretending to be burned up in the fireplace.

I'm signing out. Love you guys. Thanks so much for all your amazing support about the accident. We're working our way through it, dealing with a little post traumatic stress, talking it all out.