Yesterday I was thinking a little about how reading web journals has blessed me. I'm often encouraged, often challenged, and then sometimes there are these little pieces of advice that stick with me and change how I do something. I was especially thinking of three yesterday.

jo(e) wrote a post about dropping the use of paper towels altogether and using white cloths instead, which I jumped on because I loved the idea. Now we have a million white cloths in our house and I hope to never buy another roll of paper towels.

I read this, by Alice, and followed the instructions within. I had to, she was so convincing, and now I truly believe that homemade granola is possibly the best thing in life. After I made the recipe, Chinua and I devoured the entire batch within two days. We ate granola whenever we felt a bit peckish, and there is nothing better on earth than the granola that I made.

And then, reading Sara's post on her blog, Walk Slowly, Live Wildly, about her commitment to green living, I saw many, many good ideas, but carried away the idea to buy a Kleen Kanteen and stop drinking out of plastic, which I did right away. We've also been using cloth bags, most of the time. I'm trying to slowly but surely change one habit at a time.

Have you found any good ideas on the web lately? Anything that you've tried?