Swimming through

Sometimes a break is in order. Life has continued, for me, full speed ahead, and I'm sorting through my emotion-box, restacking and refolding. I think I have everything in order and then I wake up again, not wanting to get out of bed, and I realize, we're not through this, and I need to hold my own hand again to get through the day.

I've been eyeing my computer every time I pass it, but my routines are scattered and confused, and I haven't been able to write. It seems to be a law in my house that my kids become incredibly needy if I'm on the computer while they're awake, and I usually write in the early hours of the morning when they're still sleeping. These hours have been unavailable to me lately, and I haven't been pushing myself.

I've been taking a break. And I guess I still am. Thanks for understanding. By the way, I loved your weekend words. They warmed me and I felt like you brought me right into your experiences.