A Perfect Post

 The Original Perfect Post Awards – April 2007

I decided to participate in the lovely awards ceremony which has tickled me pink when I have been the receiver, and knew without a doubt which post I would award for April. A lot of you might have heard of Heather from Especially Heather, because of the wonderful raffle that Chris held last week for people who donated to her family's cause. Heather will be undergoing brain surgery to have a tumor removed on Thursday, and as I was led to her site I spent a lot of time nosing around her blog, reading about her and her family and their children.

Last year when I had half of my thyroid removed due to a suspicious lump, I felt like I had entered another world, a world of sickness and strange words and hospital smells.  Chinua and I started talking about things like what would happen if one of us left the world, how we would cope, things that we had barely brushed by in the night, previously. When I read Heather's writings those memories come back, but her experience is like a mountain to my stone.  I had doctors telling me that thyroid cancer has a 96% recovery rate, she has doctors talking to her about her life expectancy matter-of-factly. This is big stuff, this is her brain, this is her life.

When you read the post that I am awarding you will understand why her story has captured so many people. It is rare to see such faith as hers even in the best of circumstances, and reading more of her family's story I found that this is not the first time that they've gone through trials like these.  Heather's heart shines through her writing with the brilliance of a whole galaxy, and I can only begin to imagine our Father's delight in her.  Her post In Which I Fall Apart struck me because of it's wandering honesty and journey back to faith, which is so much like the essence of what life is. She travels from fear into trust.  It's a Perfect Post.

You can still donate to Heather and her family here.

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