The Long and the Short of it

The good news is, I finished crocheting my cowboy hat.

The bad news is, I'm going to have to tear it all apart and start over.  I didn't use a strong enough wire, and the brim doesn't hold it's shape very well. Plus, it was my first crocheted project, and I think I could do a better job. Because if you're going to go to the trouble of crocheting a cowboy hat, you'd better do it right, right?

The good news is, Leaf looks really cute in it, floppy brim and all. (I just finished watching this video again and realize that I am pretty much the worst videographer the world has ever known. Not that the world knows me, of course. I took the video vertically and in setting it the right way, managed to stretch it until Leaf looks like the shortest baby the world has ever known. Not that the world knows him. But he's still cute, right? And my mother would probably like you to know that she is moving in, we interrupted her unpacking on day 2 of moving into a new house. That's all. Carry on.)