Jared and Candace2, originally uploaded by journeymama.

What a long drive.

But we're here, and what's more, we were able to stop in and visit some friends on the way. Candace and Jared were married two weeks after Chinua and I, and we played music in their wedding, which happened in a Redwood Grove close to the Land. We were kind of like wedding Irish twins, or something, and we planned to move to India together that very winter, so we newlyweds spent a lot of time together, getting ready to go.

The short version of it is, they went, we didn't. And then they came back, kids happened, we lived together in San Francisco, and they went back. We didn't.

Now we are finally planning to move there. Candace and Jared are living in Eugene, and I said to them yesterday, "If we don't get to be in India together at some point, I'm just going to FREAK OUT."

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