I have wheel-shaped feet

After arriving home after two days of driving on Tuesday night, and a full shopping day on Thursday, we decided on Friday to run down to Sacramento for the weekend. Because we're nuts. I was feeling very grumpy on Thursday, driving the four-hour drive to Sac, and finally pieced together that in five days I had spent more waking hours driving than not. Suddenly my grumpiness made sense, although I'm not sure if my Superstar Husband appreciated my over-attentive mean-ness any more, sense or no sense.

After the drive, though, we had an amazing weekend, spending time with friends, going out for our sixth anniversary. I meant to write an eloquent post about my Superstar Husband, but computer time was not abundant. So you can read last year's eloquent post.

Today we drive home again, except that we have to take the long and loopy way, swinging by the Bay Area to pick up some work of mine. More car hours. Urg.