Blow my mind list for 2008

I think in 2008 I'd like to turn 28. That'd be cool!

Also, I think I'd like to have a baby. I'd love to gain a bunch of weight! And then lose it.

And I'd like to move to India with my family.

But there are other things, also, things that I can dream of. I'd like to begin taking doing more writing and photography for advocacy.

I want to write my book.

I want to publish a book of portraits.

I would love to paint more. I have a painting that I'm about to start working on, and I'd love to make it one of several, this year. I didn't paint anything in 2007. There is this sleeping part of me called Painter, and she has retreated behind mother, writer, blogger, pregnant person who needs to eat a lot. But she wants to come back out to play. (Okay, that's getting a little weird, now.)

I'm going to make quilts for my kids, with fabric I bought in Burkina Faso.

I'm going to put the finishing touches on the hat I knit for Chinua, finish knitting the sweater for my mother, and the shawl for Renee. I'd like to knit without that niggling feeling that I should jump up and do something else.

I want to find ways to practice my faith that are sturdy and rhythmic and true. I've become more and more intrigued by the idea of practice, and the knowledge that people all throughout the years have put prayer, true song, service, and meditation into practice, until the truth of God simply flows through them. I want a safe space to return to. I want to throw myself into discovering my own ways of practice- maybe writing has something to do with it, maybe brushes and paint.

I'd like to be a better listener, this year, to practice silence while people are talking, rather than jumping in with stuttered interruptions. I'd like to know the right questions. I'd like to take myself out of the center of my universe (except, maybe, on this blog- it seems inevitable, here).

I'd love to learn to truly value every single moment with my children, rather than trying to speed things along a little. Oh- I'd love to have more patience. And find ways to be more creative with them, and learn to teach them more responsibility, and bring them a little farther into living.

I want to pay more attention to my husband, to treasure him and listen to him (see above). To give him my mind, when we talk, rather than allowing it to flit hither and thither every single second.

I want to see more stars. To swim in more large bodies of water.

I want to grow things.

I'm going to be more decisive. I will grow up and make up my mind and decide what I want and ask for it. I will not apologize, again and again, for having needs.

And, I want to learn how to carve a bear out of a piece of burl with a chainsaw.

Okay, maybe not that last one. But I find I miss the plethora of burlwood bears that reside in the Redwoods. Oh, kooky woods people, how I love you.

So, you know, not that much. It never hurts to dream, I don't think.

I know that New Year's is long past (remember, I'm slow) but I would love to hear your ideas for your lives in 2008.