Conversation on the phone

-Why are my pictures bluuuueeee? Did you change something on the settings?


-See? This is why I need my own camera. Ugh.

-You just need to know the camera better. This would happen whether you had your own camera or not.

(I think but don't say that my Superstar Husband would probably mess with the settings on my camera too.)
(SH gives instructions on how to change the color temp.)

-Does this mean that these photos are a lost cause?

-No, you can alter the color temp. Especially if you're shooting in RAW.


-Don't say that. You need to love RAW. It gives you more options.

-But it never works out for me. It's always screwed up.

-That's because you just need to learn.

-You always tell me that it's too much to teach me.

-I don't always tell you that.

-Yes you do. You said, last time I asked, "You don't want to know, it's too much to teach you."

-That's not always.

-Yes it is! Always, that one time.