Oh the Leafy boy

Leafy and his cousin, originally uploaded by journeymama.

Leafy is learning to talk at a speed of about a hundred miles a minute. He's also a little confused about which phrases are appropriate for him to use, and which are not. For example, he has told me to "obey" more than a few times.

As I came out of the bathroom today, he said, "You STAY OUT DA BAFROOM!"

It is something he's heard again and again. Mostly because of his habit of finding a cup, scooping some toilet water into it, and then offering it to our guests.

The photo is one I took when we were in Detroit. I'm telling you, these kids of mine have plenty of cousins. I think this is Leafy's second cousin, but I've never been completely sure of how that works. Actually, I've never been sure at all. I loved this particular set of cousins, the sons of Chinua's first cousin, so grown up they were almost not kids. They were so sweet with my three, and right off the bat started chasing them around the house.


Thanks for your comments on my last post. I realize now that part of my peevishness was the thought that maybe not all kids are like this; that maybe I'm missing something and that's why my son doesn't want to leave his friend's house. Now I feel like it's totally normal.