Well, it's been over two months and we made it, kiddo!

All in one piece, too. Actually, let me check. (Counting my fingers and toes...)

Okay, yes, all in one piece. But tired, oh so tired.

Oh, Baba.  Solo.

You are the best thing that has happened to our family since the Leaf Baby was born.  And although many things in my days are driving me to the brink lately, whether it be Kid A's absentminded melancholy, the YaYa sister's will of sharp steel and endless arguments, Leafy's perpetual eating and drinking of things which are not meant for him to eat and drink (cooking oil, raw oats, and raw onions), or even your own gassy crying jags during which you instruct me to keep on moving if I ever try to stop walking you across the floor...

Well, it only takes a few minutes of sitting and talking with you to bring me back.  You are like a small star in our dark galaxy.  While the rest of us are behaving like beasts, galloping and complaining, nagging and slouching around in our underwear, you catch our eyes and make contact and you make us better people.

Leafy will stop pouring out the bottle of tea tree oil all over the couch cushion just to sit by you and stroke your hair, so, so softly.  YaYa tells you that she loves you in her softest, sweetest voice.  And Kid A holds you and his heart swells when you recognize him.  Your dad and I are just smitten.

I've never been so challenged or so blessed.  I want to say your name over and over, just to hear the sound of it, because there was a time before you were here, and I'm so glad I don't have to go back.

Bear with me kid, I'm a mess of a mother, but I do love you so,