It was a normal day

She said, I want you to get some clothes on before you go outside, Leafy.

She called and she asked, Did I leave my mobile phone there yesterday? I can't seem to find it.

She said, That's alright. I'm sure it will turn up.

She ran into the house and she said, Guess what, Chin! It was stuck behind the seat of the car.

She said, I need some pomegranates, some oranges, some bananas and some spinach.

She said, I know you can finish your work, Kid A. I've seen you do it before. Just focus and keep trying.

She said, Leave it on my desktop for me, Cate, and I'll try to proofread it for you.

She said, No climbing on the windows, Leafy.

She said to herself, On 56 different occasions yesterday, I was so homesick that I could have cried. Today is better. Today home is here. It's the business of moving, this back and forth dance.

She said, Sure, you can take this sheet into your fort. Just try not to drag it through the dirt.

She said, Don't go over to the neighbors' house again without telling me. Otherwise you'll have to stay in the house tomorrow.

She said, Goodbye my love. Have fun in Amsterdam. I'll miss you. I love you. If you see anything nice, get me one!

She said, Only a few days now until UNCLE MATTY gets here, kids!

She said to Renee, Sure, you can borrow the scooter. Oh- actually- where are the keys?

She said, Chinua took the keys but he's going to send them back with the taxi driver.

She said, Should we turn on some music, Leafy? Do you want to dance?

She said, Sure she can walk to the veggie stall with you, Renee.

She said, The cat liked you, YaYa? Really? Did he follow you home?

She said, Will you get me a dozen eggs and two packets of milk, Kid A? Here's 100 Rupees. You should get 29 back.

She said, He laughed for the first time, today.

She said, Oh beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful baby.


She said, Can I call you back?

She said, Dinner's going to be a little late, kids. I have to help Solo get to sleep.

She said, What day is her birthday again? Is there anywhere here that we can buy a cake?

She said, Yes, you're singing. Oh yes you are. Oh yes you ARE. Oh you are a GOOD singer, singie wingie singer yesyouare.

She said, There's lots of soup if you want any.

She said, This question might be a little pointed, but do you feel like walking to the store to get yourself a lime soda? Because if you do, I wouldn't mind having one too.

She said, No, I'm not mad at you. But I want you to know that you cannot take anything of ours and decide to throw it away, okay? That's a rule. No throwing stuff out.

She said to her Russian neighbors, Can I borrow your bottle opener? My son threw mine off into a trash pile.

She said, That man bathing at the well is completely stark naked, Renee.

She said (about twenty times) Get back in your bed, Leafy.

At night, just before she went to sleep, she said, Oh thank You thank You thank You. Thank You for all of them and for peace and for grace like the sea.