One of the greatest events of Autumn has occurred here in our little village. 

UNCLE MATTY is here! 

Oh Uncle Matty. 

Uncle Matty has already dealt with poopy undies in a public restaurant in a bathroom that had no toilet paper, only a bucket of water and a pitcher.  (Not something I asked him to do.  It just sort of happened.)  Uncle Matty has already been tickled and punched by the older kids and had his hair pulled numerous times by Solo.  Uncle Matty has already been pooped on by Solo.  And has spent a lot of  time searching for one lost shoe in the aforementioned restaurant while Open Mic went on around him and all the kids were losing their minds with exhaustion. 

He has entered our chaotic world, for sure.  And with this chaotic world being at the moment "Daddy-less" what better man than an uncle to step in and SAVE MY MIND.

They don't call him Uncle Jesus Matty for nothing. 

(Actually, I think it's the long hair and beard that does it.)


I have no working computer right now, unfortunately.  I am well aware that I am really behind in photos.  All sorts of things could be going on and you wouldn't even know!  Maybe I cut my hair!  Maybe Kid A got braces!  Maybe Leafy had a growth spurt and is now 6 feet tall! 

You'll just have to wait and see.